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As a global construction group, GS E&C aims to build a better and sustainable future!

GS E&C Korea

Since our foundation in 1969, GS E&C has achieved remarkable growth in Plants, Power, Environment, Architecture, Infrastructure and Real Estate, and so on; looking to the future, GS E&C is strengthening our competency developer for investment projects. 



GS E&C Vietnam had established in 2004 as an international contractor with two addresses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

With the goal and mission of becoming the most extensive foreign construction contractor, investor, and real estate development in Vietnam, which quality portfolio concentrated in major cities like HCM City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, including products for industrial, construction, residential projects, and modern-complex urban areas have achieved many outstanding achievements, contributing to promoting economic development in the region.

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Best Partner, First Company

Our vision is to become the best company by creating a more excellent value in the Global market through creativity and passion for becoming a reliable partner for our customers in the world.

Dream about tomorrow, Creating new values with you

GS E&C is committed to working with the motto ‘Dream about tomorrow, Creating new values with you’ to achieve sustainable development with social responsibility, sustainable development solutions, safety, transparency, and create out of matter.


GS E&C is continuous to make an all-out effort to grow into a top-tier global contractor while creating the best values possible for its clients in the world.



VGSI practices and maintains the same vision as it parent company GS E&C, placing great confidence and value in green, smart, sustainable technology for a better Vietnam. VGSI is in the process of establishing 4 industrial businesses mith modern and eco-friendly technology that fully match the quality requirements of the Vietnam market in particular and the global market in general.


Through these businesses in Vietnam, VGSI is very pleased to bring you a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle, as well as contribute to the Vietnamese economy.

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