Heat protection is a top concern for homeowners, especially in Vietnam’s hot and humid climate. Not only does the heat affect the lifespan of your home, but it can also make living conditions unbearable. Let’s explore some effective solutions brought to you by Zeit Gypsum.

Boost Ventilation:

Natural Ventilation Methods:

  • Design an Atrium: This allows for effective natural ventilation and increased natural light.
  • Use Ventilation Blocks: Known for their multiple openings, they can quickly absorb and release heat.

Choose Heat-Resistant Materials:

Homeowners can opt for various materials to enhance the thermal insulation of their homes:

  • Polycarbonate Panels: Effective in blocking UV rays and heat absorption.
  • Heat-Resistant Paint: Consists of layers that provide excellent thermal insulation.
  • Zeit Gypsum Drywall: Our Zeit Gypsum drywall panels are not only eco-friendly but also efficient in regulating temperature due to their insulating properties. With their compact dimensions of 1220x1830mm, they save costs and speed up installation.

Wall Colors:

Option for cool and neutral colors like beige, light blue, or grey, as they have a cooling effect and make your space appear more spacious.

Plant Greenery:

Greenery can cool your home as they release water vapor during transpiration, cooling the surrounding air and reducing room temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

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